Content, a bit of the future, and me!

published: 2023-02-12

Turns out I’m still alive, so what have I been doing in the time since I last wrote here?

returning* to twitch!

Last week (feb 5th) I streamed on twitch for the first time in a few months! I’ve done a few one-off streams since my last streak, but none of them were particularly interesting. This time however, I want to try to keep a longer streak going! Of course, being a student I’m not sure how consistent I’ll really be able to be, but I say it’s always worth a shot.

becoming a VTuber!

A avatar of a red character with large fox-like ears

One of the more notable changes this time around is that I’m a vtuber now! Completely original I know, but it’s fun so I don’t care. I’m using VSeeFace and a custom VRoid model - well, as custom as a VRoid can really be. Having said that I’ve customised it a little, and I’m taking the opportunity to learn some character modeling in Blender!


The thumbnail of one of my Minecraft streams

But what I have actually been doing? Minecraft, mostly. Again not the most original, but I’m not that interested in chasing views and playing the newest games (though I think I will definitely play the Dead Space remake at some point!).


In Minecraft I’m playing with one of my older groups again, and I’ve got some ideas for a new story! As I plan more of that out, I feel like my Minecraft streams may become more behind-the-scenes. On another note, I’ve gotten one of my friends into streaming! He streams at and has been playing a lot of modded Minecraft (specifically Nomifactory if you’re interested)!

other games

As I already mentioned, I don’t care much for chasing whatever games have been released recently and as such I focus my energy more on whatever I want to play at the time. So in the future I imagine there’ll be more osu! and potentially things like Terraria or Factorio. I’ve also been thinking about doing chess with Cube. Though all of that requires time I’m not sure I have right now - especially chess considering I need to relearn how to be good.

the beloved numbers

Partially so I can see how and if these change in the future, and just because I think it’s interesting, I thought I’d include some of the numbers behind my streams here! As of writing:

  • I typically average a whopping 3 viewers, who are most often some of my friends,
  • and I have and equally outstanding 58 followers, most of which have never returned for multiple streams.

Despite my less than impressive numbers, I still have a ton of fun, and I’m actually quite close to passing the requirements for Twitch affiliate! Will I do anything when I pass that milestone? Who knows! Either way, I’m excited to see where this hobby ends up taking me.

the state of twitch

Taking a break from talking about myself, I thought I’d take a second to just talk about Twitch as a whole. I knew it was already a depressing website in a handful of ways, but the number of times I’ve seen popular streamers playing the anti-semetic transphobic wizard game is genuinely disappointing :/ Call me a pessimist but it feels like media literacy is certifiably 6 feet under.

happenings on youtube

Moving on to the other nightmare video site, I’ve been having a ton of fun making content for YouTube! I picked up editing again when I started throwing together some osu! highlights (one of which did surprisingly well, nearly reaching 1000 views!), and I’ve planned out a few larger projects! The biggest of which is still very much in the works (even though I had hoped to have it out in early January…). Right now the hardest part is getting the drawings I need for it done. 🙃

oh yea i do make art sometimes
peek of some of what i work on for video in future :)
Three sketches of a character wearing a red jacket and a skirt. The third sketch is unfinished.
see the original post on twitter

Other than that, I might start more uploading highlights from my streams, given I have the time to edit them.

anyway, drink water, ride public transit, and take time for your hobbies
i’ll see you around somewhere sometime maybe