Artfight 2023 post-mortem!

published: 2023-09-21

I may be a few months late, but I thought I’d write a follow up for July’s Artfight post! Overall this year was a ton of fun! I was able to finish 5 attacks (500% more than last year 😎), and I saw some really cool characters!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any art of my characters this year, and I wasn’t able to get a ref sheet out for a new character like I had hoped, but otherwise ‘twas quite a good year.

This year’s highlights are available on my portfolio and artfol if you want to take a look!

but now for some numbers though because i love me some numbers

this year i earned 194.25 points across 4 attacks and 1 friendly fire which brings me up to a total of 249.93 points across 7 attacks and 2 friendly fires. my overall battle ratio is 52.94% (9 attacks to 8 defenses).

my most valuable attack was “lola!” earning 92.5 points (47.6% of this year’s total)! im super happy with how lola turned out in that piece, but I definitely feel that it is far too dark and far too grey.

second was “monchy cronchy (mango!)” with 60 points. this one im not as happy with, but it was still a ton of fun!

But now I’ve got nothing else left to do except bear the weight of the future and wait until next year! Until then, drink water, ride the bus, make art, and have a wonderful time :) o/