Artfight 2023!

published: 2023-07-01

as july draws nearer, artists around the world prepare themselves (and their wrists) for the drawing competition to end them all…

artfight's default banner. the background is a gradient from left to right consisting of cobalt blue, light magenta, pink, and orange

Now that it’s July, I figure I should mention that I’m participating in Artfight this year! I first participated in 2020, and since then it’s always been something I really look forward to. Last year I was only able to finish one drawing, and I completely forgot in 2021, but this year I’ll hopefully be able to do more :D

wait why on earth and i writing with proper grammar to hell with that

i already have a list of characters i’d like to draw, and i’ve got another character to add to my roster!
currently ive got three characters, one of which you can see on my portfolio page! you can also see last year’s attack there.

for those also participating, i’m on team vampire! so if you wanna be on the same team as me, or you want to want to be my downfall, go wild!

anyway, i look forward to seeing what i can make this year and what get’s made of my characters! make sure to follow me on artfol as that’s where i’ll be sharing the finished pieces! and of course you can also check out my artfight profile!